Virtual Hosts

Virtual Hosts APK is one of the stylish creators for game lovers and all who want to conveniently access minimal content in their favorite spot. The program is very limited in scale and is the perfect choice for a VPN. Via device users can conveniently import and export several host files and scripts in the device and link each connection to a specific IPS.

Trends are rising increasingly and many computer players are already cracking common online word games with host files and scripts a day. You can also insert any hosts into the Virtual Hosts program after that and will hit the required stage in the selected game. Recall that the file hosts defend against the restriction on your profile. Because of anti-ban security, the software is now used and useful by millions of users.

The Virtual Hosts program does not need root authorization to execute its behavior through the Android user. To order to disabling advertisements, you can use the program as an ad-blocker to circumvent advertising for various streaming applications and sports.

Great Features of Virtual Hosts APK

  • Use all the items that are actually not available in your regions.
  • Anonymously browse the Net.
  • Keep your location hidden while you use the phone, software or sports.
  • Take extra freedom in the most common games by hacking them through host files and scripts.
  • A new IP address is allocated to your computer on every login.
  • Using several files on hosts without Android core.
  • Promotes DNS help for the wildcard.
  • IPV6 networks are completely supported.
  • Delete intrusive advertising from applications and games.
  • You can access and use the program 100% free of charge.
  • Works for phones for small specifications.
  • Plus a great deal more.

What are Virtual Hosts

Virtual hosting is a system for storing several domain names on a single server (or pool of servers) with different registration of each name. This enables a server to share resources, including memory and processor cycles, without needing to use the same hostname for all services offered.

Info on Great App Virtual Hosts


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Supported Device
Android 6.2 and up

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