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Minhaj University Lahore APK is planned to promote contact between students and professors for the academic sector. The program covers the LMS, as well as the delivery of student and teacher facilities.

This APK gives students the latest programs for smoother studying at MUL. The student should submit to the colleges and (this is a move towards Green Campus by-paper use). Students frequently engage in conversation groups with their respective classes and address queries from their professors or peers in the study groups.

IF you can use this Minhaj University Lahore APK device and it's pretty useful to you. It is often insightful. If I have some trouble with the fee structure, then I may contact the University support line via this app. I will fix it. There are specific ties to classes and divisions. A person may obtain information or awareness about this university by only installing this app and clearly express his or her thoughts about it.

Features of MUL APK

1) MuLBsPhysics F2019. And it's a great campus endeavor. I'm so happy I'm part of Minhaj University. As a student and a teacher, you will consider anything you like.

2) The University of Minhaj in Lahore will provide direct assistance and links to more than 100 journals, research materials, practice studies, essays, and notes.





Supported devices
Android 4.0 and up

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