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Asefat APK 4.3.3 for Android download. Download it. Participate in a True RTS game with thousands of players around the globe, participate in the latest Asefat Al-Harb game. Command your army to conquer and defeat your enemies. Allowing the new battle and Asefat Al-Harb Military is a fantastic Android device, described in Android Freeware Strategy games.

The newest APK edition of the Asefat Al-Harb for And created by Babil Games LLC has bug fixes and corrections. Asefat Al-Harb is a userfriendly Babil Games LLC strategy game that guarantees that all the buttons are still right where appropriate.

Compete in a Real RTS game against thousands of players from all over the world. Order the army through the newest arms and military techniques in a destroyed planet of the WW3. Have nuclear combat warheads overpower the rivals and rebel forces. Lead your coalition with competing alliances to rule the earth.

Great features of Asefat Al-Harb APK

1) Experience the images of the moment after the moment.

2) Build your military and bases without a cool down, with an amazing amount of 3D graphics.

3) Build your armies and manage your forces.

4) Construct your prepared and fortress with NO COOLDOWN.

5) Managing your warlike forces at REAL-TIME.

6) Monitoring your troops in the most critical areas and raising your warmongering coalition label.

7) Well, INTROLLY tactics to order your forces, lay siege to the enemy's bases.

8) Create your army and foundation, moment by moment in an awesome 3d GRIFFIS.

Asefat Al-Harb App INFO


66 MB

Babil Games LLC

Supported Device
Android 7.1 and up

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