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In our joint fight against COVID-19, Aarogya Setu APK is a mobile app developed by the Government of India that connects basic health services to India. The App aims to increase the government of India's initiatives, in particular through the Department of Health, to hit the consumers of the app on threats, best practice, and specific advisories related to COVID-19 proactively and to educate them.

Arogya Setu Seva APK can government has released the smartphone application, and 30 lakh downloaders have downloaded the software. Joint Minister of Health Luv Agarwal said you'll be told when you get in contact with the Corona positive individual if you have downloaded this device. Ios Update For Android and iPhone APK-FYJC Connect HTTPS:/wp.me / pbc6Zh-b1 root of Arogya Setu Seva Smartphone and thank you for reading this article.

Good program, admire the concept, commitment, and timely implementation. Nonetheless, this software does not function as long as a very large and decreasing criterion with several dependencies is used in the recognition of a good individual.

Great Features of Aarogya Setu APK

1) This application indicates whether a person has positive COVID symptoms.

2) The app lets you track the signs of COVID and thus avoid the representatives of the household, acquaintances, and relatives

3) Aarogya Setu in God's own Sanskrit language means "a bridge of protection."
You can download this program on IOS / Windows / Android gadgets and use it to monitor the coronavirus attack.

4) The application uses GPS or Bluetooth to verify whether the user is close to COVID.

Aarogya Setu App INFO


4 MB

Indian IT

Supported Device
Android 4.4 and up

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