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This game has many modes, including Cup, League Match, Friendly Match, and Shootout Penalty, Pleasant Match Mode: 2 teams to play or to fire penalties can be chosen. Long pass: Press Power Build up and push the ball to a mat with the right distance following release. Tackle the controller when to secure it.

Your winning dream team scores crucial goals at the best moments. Take advantage of all the chances of becoming a true score hero in your soccer career! The world's greatest soccer player is the perfect opponent for the true soccer champions.

Sport press and FIFA will inspire your team at the stadium with every goal, free kick, penalty, and support.


Make different shooting acts by power accumulation and the distance from the player to the ball.

From the World Cup, you can pick your favorite team.

You may choose to play for a championship from one team from GB, Italy, Spain or China.

With other different dribble measures: Marcille, Step-over, Step-over, and Pull-back.

You can also train your team's skills in a key, intermediate, and advanced manner.



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