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There are 70 million + users on the platform to have fun with them. It provides complete phone service packed into an app that’s free to download and have fun to use! So, you can call someone absolutely free just like you send text messages via text chat on another platform. 

Nextplus is the new energetic App that will allow you to make free text messages and calls on the go. This is the next generation phone company that will offer their user to make free calls and texting. You can make uncountable calls from all our the world using this outstanding application. 

The main aim of developing this app is to allows people to communicate with each other. However, now I would like to narrate some of its objectives within the nest down coming line in the list context. If y ou doesn’t have a sim card or any other network service to make connections with other peoples.

Convert your any device to free personal phone and enjoy free calls No worry about all such concern problems. Afterward, the app will give you an open environment to do so. here is a piece of good news for Android geeks that the Nextplus phone company is now becoming an App. Which is on trend these days due to their extraordinary services. 

Make calls and text absolutely free:

Make unlimited outgoing and incoming calls to random phone numbers.
Receive free text message from any phone number.
Send text and chat with any phone number free of cost.
It is supportable with any Android device including tablets and smartphones.
After the installation of this app, you don’t need any cellular network and its services.
So many social features are there in the apps with a lot of fun.
So enjoy your fun time with your friends and loves once with no service charges.
How does it work:

Mak group discussions with the help of group blast features. Make short voice clips and send them to others through text messages. Your friend’s phone company charges us small fees to deliver texts and calls on their networks. Rather than force you to pay, we let you view a few banner ads or watch a quick video. Easy to find your friends and add them to your favorite list. Get notified for all of this and monitor your activities on your account.

Adding now stickers to express yourself while sending a text to your friends or anyone. Supporting GIF images with original quality to customize your profile with your favorite animated GIF image. If you choose, you can pay a buck or two and make those ads disappear. The choice is yours. And remember if your friend joins Nextplus we remove video ads entirely.

Previously we are on other apps that are only able to communicate with the help of (app-2-app) strategy. Now forget about all this and do calls and text to any phone number consequently. the latest version of the next plus has a lot more unique features to impress you. When you are online on this application your status automatically shows up to other people on your profile. 

Buy Nextplus Go

Because we are offering the lowest mobile planes in your nation. Additionally, this will enables you to make calls and text anytime anywhere to everywhere. We let you watch a few short videos or responsive ads within a couple of seconds. It is over to you if you select to pay a single pane or two for displaying those ads immediately.

Now next plus Go is also available to give you a better experience with a4G LTE SIM card. Now you can enjoy Free calling and texting even there is no WiFi available. and almost a nice way to get rid of this small pay by making some bucks to use them for your calls/text. 

Just click on the download link below and save the file on your device. Run the installation process and have fun. Good luck.



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